[ENG] Registration

● Registration Fee

– 3 days 2 nights: 100,000 won

– 2 days 1 night: 80,000 won

– 1 day: 50,000 won

● How to pay the participation fee

1. If your member record is in Korean unit: Please write “청년대회 참가비” in the “Other” section of a tithing slip and pay the fee just like when you pay tithing and other offerings.

※ You must pay with the participant’s name, even if your parents or the sponsor pays your fee.

※ If you pay for more than two participants, you must pay them separately in the name of the participant.

※If you are a non-member, you can pay the fee using a tithing slip via your member friend’s ward without a member number and with your own name (participant’s name).

2. If your membership record card is in overseas or you don’t know where it is: You must pay in cash at the conference’s entrance.

※ English branch members should also pay in cash.

● Refund and Cancellation Guidance

– Deadline: July 20th (Saturday)

– How to cancel: Please send us your name, ward/stake, and contact information to this email (Lutlv@naver.com).

※ All cancellation emails that has been submitted before the deadline can be refunded.※We ask for your understanding that the cost(resident, catering etc.) for this conference is a pre-existing expense and no refund is allowed for cancellations after the cancellation deadline.+

● Other Questions

E-mail: Lutlv@naver.com

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