2019 Areawide YSA Conference Q&A [Eng]

2019.06.11 10:30


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2019 Areawide YSA Conference Q&A

1. What is the theme of this conference?

The theme scripture verse of this conference is Doctrine and Covenants 38:27 (“I say unto you, be one; and if ye are not one ye are not mine.” This scripture verse contains the message to “be one in Christ.” Under this message, we have the following specific goals: 1) Be one with Heavenly Father by feeling His love, 2) Be one in the culture of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and 3) Be one as we gather Israel. This conference offers the participants a great opportunity to act upon these goals.

2. What is the purpose of having ‘areawide’ YSA conference?

The them scripture verse (Doctrine and Covenants 38:27) with the message of being one in Christ encourages us to united with all the children of God beyond nationality, race, and culture. Young Single Adults from Korea, Japan, Guam, and Micronesia will be able to feel the sense of unity as children of God and overcome their differences.

3. Why is the conference only for 2 nights and 3 days?

The duration of the conference is sufficient enough to achieve its goal if we could organize well-prepared programs along with active participation of the participants. Additionally, given that many participants of this conference travel far from countries such as Japan, Guam, and Micronesia are from different countries in the Asia North area, a longer conference is likely to impose excessive time and costs on these long-distant participants. Further, we are beginning the conference on the 15th, which is Korean National Holiday, until the 17th, which is Saturday so that the burden of Korean participants can also be reduced.

4. Who are eligible to participate in the conference?

All Young Single Adults and Single Adults from the age 18 to 35(In case of Korea, all YSA’s and SA’s who were born after Jan. 1st, 1983.) are eligible to participate in the conference. Those who are less-active and non-member are also welcome to join. We cordially ask you to actively encourage and invite other friends to come and join.

5. For Single Adults (age 31-35), the recommendation of bishop (branch
president) is required. How can I receive that recommendation? Is there any special requirements for Single Adults to participate in the conference?

We are inviting as many Single Adults as possible to participate in this conference. Bishop’s recommendation can be made in various ways. A letter regarding the details of the recommendation process has been sent to each unit, so your bishop will be able to give you necessary guide.

6. Why is there an age limit for participation?

In the Church Handbook 2, it is defined that “single members are divided into two group: Single Adults (ages 31 and older) and Young Single Adults (ages 18–30).” YSA conference is originally intended for Young Single Adults. However, the Asia North Area Presidency approved the participation of the Single Adults who were born in 1983 and younger. We are asking for your generous understanding for the age restriction for those who are older. Just like the Primary or Youths have certain range in terms of age, so are YSA and SAs.

7. How is the group composition of participants?

Approximately 20 participants will be composed into one group. In each group, we plan to include participants with different nationalities. This will offer them with unique opportunity to become one in more diversity. For each group, two Korean members (one brother and one sister), and a Japanese member (either brother or sister) will be designated in advance as team leaders.

8. How can participants of different nationalities communicate?

For all-hands meetings, official interpretation for three languages (Korean, Japanese, and English) will be provided. In smaller meetings such as group meetings and other small-sized meetings, each group may designate interpreters of their own. Otherwise, individual participants can communicate on their own. If feasible, English can be used as a common language. The participants can also individually study languages other than their own in advance so that they can be prepared for basic communication. The Session Committee and the Preparation Committee will provide materials for the language study. Of course, Christ-like love and warm smile are the ultimate lingua franca that overcome the language barrier.

9. What are the programs of this conference?

Programs will be finalized after Area Presidency’s approval, but for now, the following are planned as main programs of this conference.

Day 1 (8/15, Thursday) offers the programs with the theme of “Know God’s will”. Following the opening ceremony and orientation, group members will have opportunities to get to know each other through group activities and to study and discuss the will of God through Family Home Evening. Later on that day, the participants can choose from different activities of their own interests where they can naturally mingle together with other participants and have fun.

Day 2 (8/16, Friday) offers the programs with the theme of “Be one.” Participants will learn more in depth about the conference theme during the morning devotional with Area Presidency. The devotional will be followed by exciting activities that will provide fun experiences of solving problems together as a team. In the evening, YSA Culture Festival will be held, where a variety of plays and performances will unite all the participants.

Day 3 (8/17, Saturday) offers the programs with the theme of “Go forth as one”. The participants, hand in hand with their new friends, will have opportunities to share their spiritual thoughts that they have acquired during the conference. They will also have a time to make resolutions that they will carry on and encourage one another to practice what they have learned during the conference.

10. Can you explain more about the YSA Culture Festival cast recruitment?
YSA Culture Festival is one of the most important programs, which will be held on Day 2, August 16 (Friday). The festival consists of two parts, and in part 2, there will be selected performances by conference participants. Accordingly, Session Committee is accepting performance applications from the participants (including a single performer). The application needs to be submitted by May 31 (Friday). Please refer to the notice on the conference website ( for more details. We look very much forward to your application.

11. How can I better prepare myself for the conference?
First, you can study the conference theme along with the recent conference talks from the prophets. For example, you can read and ponder about the church leaders’ recent emphasis on topics such as “gathering of Israel,” “covenant path,” and “normal and natural ways.”

Second, you can follow the conference website ( and social media pages on Facebook and Instagram (2019ayc) in order to keep yourself updated with the latest news of the conference and to actively accept challenges to better prepare for the conference.

Third, you can prepare yourself to make more friends during the conference period by diligently studying foreign languages and cultures in advance. Such preparation will not only lead to the success of this conference as an event, but also help each individual to grow more in terms of their capacities in foreign languages and friend-shipping with foreign friends.

Fourth and lastly, you can proactively invite and encourage other members who are around you and non-members who might be interested in joining the conference. These individual efforts will naturally be connected to your daily efforts concerning A (Activate), B (Baptize), and C (Care) as emphasized in 2019 Asia North Area Plan.

12. Does this conference imply any encouragement of international courtship or marriage?

In the gospel of Jesus Christ, it is proper to have a righteous desire for courtship and celestial marriage. In line with that, courtship or marriage in the gospel beyond nationality takes place and is not something to be intentionally discouraged. However, this conference is not intended to purposively encourage international marriage or courtship beyond encouraging participants to be prepared for celestial marriage as often is generally taught in the church.

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